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About Paloeoethics & the opportunity

Your favorite sports nutrition brand is hiring! As the Official Sports Nutrition Sponsor of the CrossFit Games, we’ve been inundated with interest and now our rapidly growing brand is in need of high quality, high energy sales reps.

Paleoethics offers a complete line of sports nutrition products that are 100% natural and paleo friendly. Our whole food supplements are the absolute best there is and we need sales reps that match the quality of our products.

Our Sales Team Has Two Main Objectives

  1. Grow the Paleoethics brand and sales within the CrossFit and Chiropractic communities
  2. Support our large corporate accounts (Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, etc) by regularly sampling and assisting with sales.

In order to meet these two objectives the sales team will focus on setting up CrossFit gyms and Chiropractic clinics as retail partners. Once a new retail partner is setup you will be responsible for helping that partner in any way necessary. This is done through regular check ins, providing answers to product questions, sampling at the retail location and anything else deemed necessary and reasonable to help that retail partner as much as possible. Remember that their success, is our success.

Travel for Work

We are committed to supporting the CrossFit community through sponsoring events all over the country. These events will be a large part of the sales rep position as that’s where we can reach the most people. You will be encouraged and expected to attend events regularly. Long hours and weekend work will be your new normal 🙂

This position is a remote job so you will be based out of your own home but will be traveling a good amount as well.

Where you’ll be Headed First

Our areas of immediate need include Florida, Texas, New York, Colorado and Chicago. However, at the rapid rate of our growth we will most likely be looking in all other parts of the country in the fairly near future.

Let’s Get in touch

If you’re a health and fitness fanatic, love Paleoethics and are highly passionate and driven to succeed then we may be a match made in heaven. If you’d like to learn more about the position and expectations contact
Jason Thomas. → Email:


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