How to identify and deal with your hunger cravings

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Friday, October 27th, 2017

Healthy, nutritious eating habits are imperative to achieving any fitness goal. Whether you’re trying to bulk up or slim down – perhaps with the help of a Paleoethics natural protein supplement – what you put in your body matters.

But controlling your food intake isn’t always easy. Picture this: you spend all day at work, go to the gym, make and eat dinner, and are finally relaxing on the couch when suddenly, without warning, you experience a pang of unrelenting hunger. You’ve already eaten your three meals – how can you be hungry again? Is this a craving, or do you really need to eat?

The ability to differentiate between emotional hunger cravings – i.e. cravings prompted by your environment – and physical hunger cravings – caused by a real need for fuel – can help you more effectively meet your healthy lifestyle goals.

The difference between physical and emotional hunger cravings

Emotional hunger cravings can be triggered by everything from stress to boredom to the sight of food on TV. When you experience these cravings you run the risk of bingeing.

Real hunger cravings, on the other hand, are your body’s way of saying ‘you need fuel.’ Before you give in to temptation and satisfy your craving, try to determine what you’re dealing with by asking a couple simple questions.

First: if I put off eating for ten minutes, will the craving subside or intensify? A genuine physical need for food is unlikely to disappear over time, while momentary cravings can evaporate as quickly as they appear.

Second: will changing my surroundings help? Because emotional cravings are triggered by your environment, a change of scenery may be all you need to break the spell. If you’re in the office, take a break and go for a walk; if you’re at home, do some chores or pay some bills.

Real hunger cravings can also be identified by their symptoms. The physical need for food can cause stomach pangs, headaches, and difficulty concentrating.

How to deal with a craving

If you determine that your craving is caused by a real need for food, go ahead and have a snack. Try to keep it light and healthy – an apple, some carrot sticks, or an all-natural protein supplement will do the trick.

Dealing with a craving is often more difficult. If a walk around the block or some light housework doesn’t do the trick, try something more involved. Cravings are often caused by stress: you may want to try taking a hot bath, listening to some relaxing music, or doing some yoga.

Preparing for cravings

The real secret to identifying emotional cravings is knowing and trusting your body. If you take the time to analyze each craving you experience and take the necessary steps to neutralize it, you will develop a keen understanding of when you’re eating out of boredom or stress, and when you’re eating because you’re truly hungry. Cultivating this self-knowledge is a critical step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Paleoethics is proud to supply nutritious, high-performing supplements to health-conscious clients all over the world. Products like our natural protein supplement can help you manage your hunger cravings and reach your fitness goals. Contact us today to learn more about our products and the values that guide our business.

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