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– Amino Acids


Promotes recovery


helps alleviate DOMS


Increase energy, strength and focus


Aids in hormone regulation


Helps with maintenance of a healthy body weight


Reduces inflammation in the body


Improves aerobic and anaerobic capacity


Contains all 20 essential and nonessential amino acids



REGEN Peptides is a complete protein, but the amino acids contained in the product are in a peptide form, making it easier to absorb and for the body to use as a raw material for the construction of the over 30,000 different types of protein and over 293,000 types of peptides in our body.

all natural

All Natural

Extracted from the plasma in the porcine serum and refined into a protein concentrate. It is 100% natural and is perfectly compatible with the Paleo lifestyle. Manufactured under the strictest controls, quality is second to none. Suitable for all ages, contains NO allergens, stimulants, gluten, dairy or any artificial coloring or flavoring.

recovery importance

Importance Of Recovery

All exercise acts as a stressor on the body, the body then recovers and super compensates (adaptation), taking one to a higher level of fitness. Without enough recovery, the body will not adapt properly and fitness will not be increased and in over-stressed situations, the fitness levels will actually decrease.

  • Non GMO
  • No Corn
  • No Soy
  • Gluten Free
  • No Eggs
  • No Dairy
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Fillers
  • No Artificial Ingredients

Regen Peptides

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REGEN Peptides table
Ingredients: Concentrated Protein Extracted from Porcine Plasma in Peptide Form
Non medical ingredients: Potato Starch, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate

Directions: The recommended dosage for an average person for general-purpose use is 1 tablet for every 15kg of bodyweight. For an athlete or anyone dealing with a lot of stress factors, the recommended dosage is 1 tablet for every 10kg.

It is better to break up the dose: For sedentary, non exercise-intensive people or rest-days for intensive exercisers, breaking up the dose equally and taking in the morning and around lunch-time is suggested. For exercise-intensive people taking half the dosage immediately before and immediately after exercise is recommended.

The ‘PE’ Difference


Complete source of protein from a whole food source.

  • Many amino acid products are made from cheap sources like corn, hair or duck feathers.


No protein or aminos lost in the digestive process.

  • Many other products are synthetic, hard to break down and there is no data on absorption or uptake.

Contains natural heme which helps feed more oxygen to the mitochondria which results in increased energy and the production of more red blood cells.

  • Iron found in most other products is synthetic & very hard to break down & often times can cause digestive issues & discomfort.

Reviews on Regen

Terry S

Verified Purchase

I have been using the Regen High Performance Peptide Recovery Formula for a few months. Being challenged with Chronic Illnesses, I found this product has helped me “tremendously”, especially with the pain management or Fibro Burn as I call it. My energy levels improve as well as the muscle fatigue. (I had tried another product with same amounts of amino acids, but discovered that I was not able to digest them. Won’t be doing that again!) I have found this product has worked wonders for me. Helped me to be more functional and easy to digest.


Verified Purchase

This supplement has worked its way into my staples. I try a lot of supplements but many don’t make the cut. These peptides have helped me dramatically with my constant knee pain and I’ve definitely felt some cognitive benefits from it as well. You do have to take a lot of them but I have actually increased the amount I’ve been taking. Knee feels great!


Verified Purchase

I am a Chronic Fatigue sufferer for many years. I have been taking this product for the past 7 months. Improvement has been between 30-50% in functional capacity.(results were immediate) This is going to be a game changer. The people here are definitely passionate about helping people. You are the real deal. Thank you.
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Regen Peptides


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